DACS Associates - About Us

DACS was formed by Don Samways to fulfil a need in the marketplace for a specialist in CE Marking to the Machinery Directive and other Directives associated with the engineering industry ie:- EMC, Low Voltage,  Pressure Equipment and European Standards.

Since the inception of CE Marking, Don has undertaken all the necessary work to ensure compliance both for his own company and as ‘agent’ for other companies who needed specific products to comply.

Upon leaving the EU in January 2021, Don has ensured that he is capable to undertake both UKCA and CE Marking.

His experience and training have given him an ideal background having been involved with many different  industries over the years.

Following a 5 year toolmaking apprenticeship Don has worked in a precision engineering / toolmaking / special purpose machinery environment for most of his working life.

His experience is broadly based upon the progression -- toolmaker ->chargehand -> foreman -> manager -> director -> managing director with all the normal high and low spots of a lifetime in engineering.

With the formation of DACS, Don has associated himself with other professionals who offer a variety of management type services including Business Development, Quality,  Health and Safety and Environment.

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