Our Services

We provide testing, approval, certification and marking for both UKCA and CE marking.

We advise and ensure that the Technical Construction File is adequately prepared to enable self –declaration.

We are able:

  • to integrate the necessary requirements for your products into your existing quality system and ensure that you are able to confidently self declare into the future;
  • to ensure that Standards have been correctly identified for the product and that Essential Health and Safety Requirements are properly interpreted and complied with using the recommended guidelines;
  • to act on your behalf as your agent/employee, where all correspondence relating to your company will be on your paperwork,  transacted  through your system , not through  third party correspondence outside of your immediate control;
  • to accept responsibility and act on your behalf to any third party or  Government agency questioning or appraising work that I have undertaken for your company.

In addition we are also able, if required:

  • to inform existing employees of the requirements of any relative Directives/Statutory Instruments and how they relate to them;
  • to systemise an easy collation of  the information required for the Technical File should multiple Files be needed.
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